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          Starboard GO Windsurfer

          Starboard GO Windsurfer

          The iconic and irreplaceable GO boards: the progressive boards for improving beginners to advanced windsurfing. Your perfect first board that helps you advance from your first steps to fully planing, carve jibing.

          Available sizes: 175 liter

          Price: 1 719.00 €

          Starboard Isonic 2021 - test

          Starboard Isonic 2021 - test

          Starboard′s flagship racing range with 12 world titles. Each year, Starboard?s racing team revisits each model in the relentless pursuit of the ultimate slalom performance at the highest level.

          Available sizes: 113 liter

          Original Price: 2 849.00 €

          Price: 1 499.00 €