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    Unifiber Boardbag Double Pro 255/80 incl wheels

    Unifiber Boardbag Double Pro 255/80 incl wheels

    Go-anywhere 10-mm. wall thickness, fits all your kit and 2 boards - ideal for global wind-hunting. Features white, tear, moisture and heat-resistant tarpaulin fabric and strong WRP (Water-Repellent Polyester) fabric topside for ultimate durability. Dotted PVC edges and XL wheels prevent damage from dragging.

    Available sizes: 255x80

    Original Price: 299.00 €

    Price: 259.00 €

    Unifiber single boardbag

    Unifiber single boardbag

    Available sizes: 235/65

    Price: 85.00 €

    Unifiber Pro Luxury boardbag

    Unifiber Pro Luxury boardbag

    Hardy travel-ready 4 mm bag with foam top and bottom and 8 mm nose and tail pads. Made from tarpaulin with a strong WRP (Water-Repellent-Polyester) fabric topside and dotted PVC nose and tail pads for ultimate durability. The deck zipper layout ensures nose and tail protection when stored upright.

    Available sizes: 300x85

    Original Price: 119.00 €

    Price: 99.00 €