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          Tiki Impulse freeride / crossover sail

          Tiki Impulse freeride / crossover sail

          Feeride & Cross-over sail with 5 sail battens. easy power, speed, and maneuvers in conditions ranging from flat water to bump and jump. The sail has great low-end power and high wind control. 

          Available sizes: 5.7 m² / 6.5 m²

          Price: 459.00 € - 469.00 €

          Tiki Reflex sail

          Tiki Reflex sail

          The Reflex2 Is a 5 batten cross-over sail with the perfect blend of power and control. The sail profiles are designed for maximum stability and wind range. Perfect for the freeride and bump & jump surfer. The sail is extra strengthened and is known for its durability and convenience.

          Available sizes: 4.2 m² / 4.7 m² / 5.2 m²

          Price: 455.00 € - 480.00 €

          Tiki Wanna Generator

          Tiki Wanna Generator

          Comfortable free-ride / free-race sail with 6 sail battens. This year the Generator2 has a new shape and design. The Generator2 offers all the performance of a free-race sail, but without the hassles of cambers. Easy to rig, easy to waterstart and easy to gyb.

          Available sizes: 7.2 m² / 7.8 m² / 8.5 m²

          Price: 489.00 € - 515.00 €