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STX Freemove boom

Entry level boom with excellent stiffnes and durability. Features a continuous aluminum front end with indestructible clamp Features: 1.4 mm wall thickness and 29mm diameter.

Available sizes: 162-222 cm

Price: 99 €

STX rdg monocoque boom

Our STX Reduced Diameter Grip. Features a 26mm diameter grip area and 29mm at the back of the boom

Available sizes: 145-195 cm / 160-210 cm

Price: 133 € - 150 €

STX cyber monocoque bum

High performance boom developed of maximum strength and funtionality. Specific boom profile and monocoque construction on this boom.

Available sizes: 137-198 cm / 162-222 cm / 183-244 cm / 202-262 cm

Price: 145 € - 169 €