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RRD EQ-2 waist harness

Follow up of our classic waist EQ harness. Pre shaped, Fiber glass battens inside, spreader protector, key pocket, quick release closure, spreader down haul, Neoprene edges.

Available sizes: S / xs

Original Price: 200 €     Price: 95 €

RRD The stark v3 kite harness

The Stark is a more flexible harness, soft and adaptable with lots of comfortable neoprene

Available sizes: L / XL / XXL

Original Price: 140 €     Price: 110 €

Prolimit Type-T 2017

Revolution through perfection of an Icon. The Type-T waist harness is a favorite of many including our team! Its a comfortable and flexible waist harness with tons of support. The neoprene softedge bridges the gap between a low side profile structure and high side profile support outline. This makes it perfect for long sessions and high contortions.

Available sizes: L / XL

Original Price: 179 €     Price: 119 €


RRD Perfo waist harness


Available sizes:

Price: 0 €

RRD Sense kite / windsurf harness

The Sense Harness is a Wind- Kitesurf convertible harness for ladies with style in and out of the water. It has a slightly flatter lower back section to comfortably handle lots of power and is equipped with all features available in RRD?s harness range.

Available sizes: L

Original Price: 210 €     Price: 79 €

RRD Perfo 3 waist harness

The Perfo is RRD?s most flexible harness, soft and adaptable with lots of comfortable neoprene.

Available sizes: L / M / M

Original Price: 139 €     Price: 99 €

Severne Air waist harness

Function focused, the AIR has been stripped of any excess. Waterproof materials minimize any weight gains when wet.  Low density Thermo-Formed inner and neoprene Soft Edge provide essential comfort. Designed to be able to be worn loose, the bar pad prevents hook twist when trying to unhook quickly. And the minimalist waist closure holds the harness in place without any elastic compression.

Available sizes: L / L / M / M / S / XL

Original Price: 179 €     Price: 139 €

RRD E-Qlzr waist harness

The E-QLZR has an internal moulde support and a reduced walling thickness that allows the harness to mould itself around the body of the surfer
Moulded exterior shell with Carbonized look fabric

Available sizes: XS

Original Price: 169 €     Price: 86 €

RRD Perfo harness

The Perfo harness is a pre-bent harness built with an internal elastic support band that works as spring. More load on the spreader bar corresponds to a more dispersed load onto the whole back of the harness, creating a long lasting effect of comfort. No more pain on your sides, and great sense of freedom and lightness

Available sizes: XS

Original Price: 140 €     Price: 75 €