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Prolimit Raider Steamer SA convertible

PURITY styling combined with top end technical features. Comes with removable sleeves. Durable flatlocked seams and blind stitched seams for durability.Airflex500 in stretch areas for comfort and fit

Available sizes: M / S / XL / XXL

Price: 89 €

RRD Zero 3/2 shortarm

Back zip 3/2 mm neoprene, made from elastic, and durable neoprene.

Available sizes: L

Original Price: 180 €     Price: 99 €

RRD Grado shortarm

The Grado wetsuit line offers the more simple, affordable and precisely summer orientated use: built with superstretch neoprene on the upper part and standard neoprene on the legs, these versatile wetsuits will offer and great comfort of use and price level thanks to a more simple and durable seam technology, the flatlock.

Available sizes: XL

Original Price: 189 €     Price: 99 €

Neilpryde 3000 S/S steamer

3/3 mm shortarm neoprene.

Available sizes: M

Original Price: 220 €     Price: 99 €

Quiksilver Syncro neoprene shortarm

2/2 mm neoprene shortarm with GS double lined hyperstretch material.

Available sizes: M / S

Original Price: 135 €     Price: 90 €

Prolimit Style Steamer Shortarm

Our Style is bullet proof. Our basic design in short arm wetsuits made to last, durability driven. Full double lined wetsuit!

Available sizes: M

Original Price: 89 €     Price: 69 €