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O´Neill thermo shorts

The O´Neill Thermo 8oz P2 Polypropelene Layering fabric provides incredible insulation with low bulk and quick-dry properties.

Available sizes: M / S

Price: 46 €

O′Neill reactor neoprene short

O′Neill 1,5mm Reactor Neoprene Sport Shorts - Black

O′Neill′s Multi-Sport products are versatile, durable, warm and affordable. The Reactor Series Neoprene Sport Shorts are packed with performance features!

Available sizes: L / M / XL / XXL

Price: 44 €

Prolimit neoprene short

1,5 mm- es titánium bélésű neoprén nadrág. Hideg és meleg időben is egy kényelmes viseletet biztosító melegítő réteg.

Available sizes: L

Original Price: 49 €     Price: 40 €

Prolimit SUP pants

The Prolimit 1mm pants can be used in warmer air and colder water conditions. They keep you protected from splashed water while keeping your legs warm. Heat regulating Airmax vents are placed on sides and back legs to prevent overheating. Airflx 550+ neoprene is used for maximizing flx and movability.

Available sizes: L / M / S / XL / XXL

Price: 89 €