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F2 Floater SUP

Great touring SUP from F2. The shape provides good glide, yet thanks to its great volume distribution, it is also stable, wider in the center area.

Available sizes: 13 l

Original Price: 849 €     Price: 599 €
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F2 Wave premium SUP

The Wave has a sophisticated all-around shape that combines effortless gliding with easy maneuverability. The board has more rocker than the Ride and performance better in ′choppy′ conditions. F2 optimized the thickness so that the board is stiffer and more stable against tipping. The wave is a perfect beginner windsurf board too!

Available sizes: 320 l / 350 l

Original Price: 899 €     Price: 649 €

F2 Rider inflatable SUP board

The solidly crafted Rider I-SUP has a shape, which is located in the area of the Allround and Flatwater. This allows you to explore the water surface as a beginner as well as advanced.

Available sizes: 10.5 l

Original Price: 599 €     Price: 399 €

F2 Feelgood SUP board for women

Our brand new F2 FEELGOOD has been specially developed for women, has a slightly narrower design and is therefore ideal for all-round paddlers. Perfect for shallow water and small waves due to its high strength and stability.

Available sizes: 250 l

Original Price: 790 €     Price: 599 €

F2 Aloha SUP board

Balanced volume distribution, cool design, nice colors, lots of handles and D-rings, quick, yet maneuvrable shape.

Available sizes: 10.5 l / 10.5 l

Original Price: 749 € - 799 €     Price: 599 €