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RRD Kid Joy MK4 complete kid rig

Providing the lightest and easiest package possible for the future of the sport.?The Kid joy has had a complete makeover.

Available sizes: 2.0 m2 / 2.5 m2 / 3.0 m2 / 3.5 m2

Price: 358 € - 390€

Compact Freeride Rig MKI

A powerful and stable 5 batten freeride sail, that packs up small and neat. Whether its powering the Airwindsurf Freeride board or a more conventional Firemove or Fireride, this sail gives plenty of low end to get you up and moving, whilst at the top end stays controllable and manoeuvrable.

Available sizes: 6.0 m2 / 7.0 m2

Original Price: 1 548 € - 1 558€     Price: 1 490 € - 1 499€