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MFC - KP RC slalom fin

Our new Racing bullet developed with Kevin Pritchard and tested for all the PWA events. This fin boasts a new faster profile for great early planning in the racing/bigger sizes.

Available sizes: 42 cm / 42 cm / 44 cm / 44 cm

Price: 141 €

MFC Freestyle Pro

New generation of Freestyle fins; a little curvier tip in the outline to allow easier sliding maneuvers, new profile to accelerate the planning as quick as possible and to get to the top speed in the first 50-80 meters. This is the new freestyle weapon by MFC. Just feel free to spin!

Available sizes: 16 cm / 18 cm / 18 cm / 20 cm / 20 cm / 22 cm / 22 cm / 24 cm / 24 cm

Original Price: 110 € - 120€     Price: 87 € - 100€

MFC Freewave

New lay-up for the most sailed freewave fin on the market. This year we also introduce VECTRAN, a new prepreg cloth which is strong, light and very responsive to the torsion needed for our fins. Maneuvers have never been easier! Top speed, early planning and upwind ability are just unreal on this particular model. Ideal for freewave conditions, the 21cm and the 23cm can be also use in wave riding on-shore conditions.

Available sizes: 21 cm / 21 cm / 23 cm / 23 cm / 25 cm / 28 cm / 30 cm / 30 cm / 32 cm / 34 cm / 36 cm

Original Price: 100 € - 121€     Price: 80 € - 121€

MFC freerace fin

This is our new freerace; we have been testing this fin for the last 12 months looking for a great top speed, without loosing the maneuverability. We felt that finally we got to this target. This fin could be almost as fast as our racing fins! Before we were never able to get to this target so we are very proud and happy to present this new FREERACE to the MFC line.

Available sizes: 40 cm / 40 cm

Price: 131 €

MFC - RC2 - Slalom fin

The RC2 is MFC\’s new racing fin that has been designed together with Gonzalo Costa Hoevel and Micah Buzianis. It has thinner foil which gives this fin amazing top speed and great early planning. The RC2 also boasts a different trailing edge that allows the fin to be narrower on the tip. This fin has been used by our team, and other PWA riders, in the latest competitions. The RC2 is ideal for any type of racer!

Available sizes: 42 cm / 44 cm / 46 cm / 48 cm / 50 cm / 50 cm

Price: 145 € - 165€

MFC - Cisco Goya Limited Edition

Ideal for oldschool freestyle, freemove, and freeride windsurfing. Early planing and good upwind ability

Available sizes: 31 cm

Price: 80 €

MFC - Style master

Radical freestyle fin, used by Josh Stone, in competition. Thanks to it's low depth, it is ideal for sliding moves.

Available sizes: 21 cm / 21.5 cm

Price: 80 €

MFC Onshore wave

Classic Onshore wave fin, ideal for onshore wave conditions, and bump & jump windsurfing.

Available sizes: 24.2 cm

Price: 80 €