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Maui Sails Global 2011

The Global returns in 2011 as our powerhouse wave sail for those who like a bit more juice and back hand input.

Available sizes: 4.5 m²

Original Price: 659 €     Price: 339 €

Maui Sails Legend 2011

The 2011 Legend is the ultimate fine-tuned side-shore wave sail. There is an even better soft feel and flawless transition from driving power to smooth release while wave riding.

Available sizes: 4.5 m² / 4.7 m²

Original Price: 650 € - 659€     Price: 360 € - 379€

Maui Sails Legend 2010

Some would say that a legend is a story that is set in stone, a grand tale of the best in the past. But MauiSails™ is not satisfied with leaving things as they were, and always seeks to bring steady improvements and performance value to their finest pure wave sail ever.

Available sizes: 4,0 m² / 5,0 m² / 5,7 m²

Original Price: 453 € - 527€     Price: 349 € - 388€

Maui Sails 2010 Switch

Most of the aspects of super fun windsurfing are enhanced when you choose a Switch for your quiver. If you enjoy high speed blasting but also want great maneuverability and bump and jump characteristics, it’s time to Switch.

Available sizes: 6,0 m²

Original Price: 468 €     Price: 310 €