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Brunotti Mitten open palm

Keep your fingers together for extra warmth and have the ability to take them out to quickly sort out your kit through the open palm. It´s also useful for blowing some hot air in during winter sessions. The Brunotti Open Palm Gloves boast a 3mm neoprene around the glove and 2mm on the wrists to keep arms from pumping up. There´s also a velcro strap to keep the water away from your wetsuit.

Available sizes: L / M / S

Price: 29 €

Ascan Thermoglove

Ascan Thermoglove long neoprene glove. Fast drying, warm glove with sealing collar and Thermospan inner lining

Available sizes: L / M / XL

Price: 31 €

Ascan Flexglove

Very flexible, 2mm thickness neoprene glove, with anti-slip inside coating

Available sizes: L / M / XL

Price: 17 €

Ascan Maui short glove


Available sizes: L / M / XL

Price: 20 €

O'Neill SLX 3mm Glove

Don't let the frigid waters keep you out of the line-up. O'Neill's Glove arsenal will regulate your body's core temperature... While you regulate the line-up.

Available sizes: M

Original Price: 36 €     Price: 29 €

Prolimit Open Palm Water Mitten

The open palm mitten combines the heat optimization of a glove with the feeling using no mitten at all. Ideal for surfers who choose feeling above warmth.

Available sizes: XL

Price: 24 €

Prolimit mittens open palm Xtreme

Neoprene mitten with closed palm for best protection. Inside is made of super thin durable material.

Available sizes: L / M

Price: 29 €

Pro Limit curved finger mesh

The mesh gloves features a high durable palm combined with a skin neoprene outside for maximum windchill protection and warmth.

Available sizes: L / M / S / XL / XXL

Original Price: 30 €     Price: 24 € - 30€

Prolimit Sealed glove

These gloves have fluid taped seams, a water seal inside glove for under wetsuit, a double wrist seal and extra palm protection for wear and tear. The ultimate winter glove!

Available sizes: XL

Price: 43 €