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Overboard waterproof phone case

Overboard quality waterproof phone case.

Available sizes: Phone Case

Price: 26 €

Overboard Dry Tube Bag 5 Liter

Perfect for all watersports, boating, camping trips, hiking expeditions or the beach.

Available sizes: 5L / 5L / 5L / 5L / 5L / 5L

Price: 19 €

Overboard Dry Flat Bag 5 Liter

Its special edition nylon ripstop-TPU coated ´supra-light´ material makes this waterproof bag a neat little package.

Available sizes: 5L / 5L

Price: 17 €

Overboard Dry Tube Bag 12 Liter

Protect your valuable or delicate items from all the elements with the OverBoard 12 Liter Dry Tube. Constructed from 600D PVC Tarpauline and sealed tight with the easy to use Fold Seal System?.

Available sizes: 12L / 12L / 12L / 12L / 12L

Price: 26 €

Overboard Dry Tube Bag 20 Liter

Keep water, sand and dirt away from your prized possessions with the OverBoard 20 Liter Dry Tube Bag.

Available sizes: 20L / 20L / 20L / 20L / 20L / 20L

Price: 34 €

Wetsuit bag / changing mat

Leave the sand at the beach and not in your car! How many times have you changed out of your wetsuit and cursed the gritty, sandy car park as it covers yourwettie with enough sand to fill a cement mixer? Fortunately those days arenow numbered.

Available sizes: black

Price: 19 €

Unifiber blackline wetsuit bag

Just open, step in and take of your wetsuit, it?s as easy as that. The ′Blackline′ Wetsuit Carry Bag also doubles as a changing mat and prevents your wetsuit and feet from getting dirty. After changing, just zip it up and throw it in the trunk. The moistur-resistant tarpaulin inside and WRP (Water-Repellent Polyester) outside prevents your vehicle from getting wet - and is also easy to wipe-down and clean.

Available sizes: black

Price: 37 €

Overboard dry pouch - 1l

The fuss-free OverBoard Waterproof Dry Pouch is constructed from TPU coated Mesh Fabric, and seals tight by way of our Fold Seal System?.

Available sizes: yellow

Price: 7 €