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RRD Rocker backpack

A lightweight back pack to be used in a million occasions. Lite, compact and small, the Rocker is the smallest back pack of our new collection.

Available sizes: black

Price: 27 €

Naish Laptop backpack

Put your laptop in a stylish, backpack for windsurfers, made by naish sails!

Available sizes: black

Price: 55 €

Naish Super Large Roller Bag

Quality travel bag from Naish Sails

Available sizes: Black

Price: 95 €

Naish Duffle bag 70

Naish 70L duffle bag, with 2 otside zipper compartments. Wide opening at the top, strong and durable bottom part. 4x40x70 cm

Available sizes: 70L

Original Price: 60 €     Price: 50 €

Naish Super Cruiser backpack

A large, quality, strong backback with plenty of compartments. It can be carried as a suitcase, thanks to its side-handle.

Available sizes: Black

Original Price: 50 €     Price: 40 €

Naish girls tote bag

Naish Beach bag, with a zippered inside, and a small + large (zippered) outside pocket. Pocket sizes: 24x24 cm Soft lining in the handles. Bag size 35 x 35 cm, 15 cm inside width.

Available sizes: white

Original Price: 40 €     Price: 29 €

Naish shower case

Naish shower case 20x26 cm when closed, with plenty of inside pockets, toothbrush holder, and hook.

Available sizes: black

Original Price: 30 €     Price: 25 €

RRD Stringer backpack

RRD Stringer backpack, 49x33x17 CM outer measures

Available sizes: black

Price: 50 €

RRD Scoop backpack

RRD Scoop backpack, outer measures: 41x27x14 CM

Available sizes: black

Price: 50 €

Naish Cruiser backpack

the cruiser backpack combines light weight carrying comfort and maximised volume.

Available sizes: szürke

Original Price: 694 €     Price: 42 €