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Windsurf sail air freshner

Fresheners are in many different models in two scents. Give your car nice aroma, let hanging remind you about your great passion which is windsurfing. All fresheners are high-quality printing with all details, nonaggressive but long-lasting smell. Hang it on Your rearview mirror and drive with SURF STYLE!

Available sizes: Gaastra Pure / Goya Banzai / Goya Banzai / Goya Fringe / Goya Fringe / NP Combat / Naish Force / Naish Force / Point-7 AC-1 / Point-7 AC-X / Point-7 Slash / Point-7 Slash / Severne Gator / Severne Gator / Severne S-1 / Severne S-1 / Simmer Blacktip / Simmer Blacktip

Price: 4 €