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The World Kite and Windsurfing Guide

The first comprehensive spot guide to the kite and windsurfing regions of the world! Introducing almost 100 regions in nine continental chapters and featuring over 1,200 of the world's best spots. Illustrated with breathtaking photos and detailed maps of every region.

Available sizes: english

Price: 45 €

European Kite / Windsurf Guide

The ultimate spot guide for kite- and windsurfing in Europe! THE KITE AND WINDSURFING GUIDE EUROPE spans 15 countries, more than 35,000 kilometres of coastline and over 1,600 spots. Includes select local knowledge of wind and waves, plus conditions on the water as well as ashore. 400 pages, 1000 breathtaking photos and detailed maps of every region...

Available sizes: english

Price: 45 €

Tricktionary III

Windsurfing Tricktionary 3 book, ENGLISH language. What's more: 188 pages more than Tricktionary2, more than 250 pages more than Tricktionary 1!! What's new: Expanded beginner part / Enhanced and now huge light wind freestyle chapter / More focus on most important moves such as power jibe, fast tack, chop hop,... /  The latest "Power Moves"
Strongly enhanced wave beginner and intermediate part / Slalom tuning and tactics special

Available sizes: tricktionary III

Price: 49 €